Beach Essentials

Beach Travel Essentials – 5 Must Haves for Your Trip to the Beach

Beach Essentials

The beach is a place I’ve frequented so many times throughout my life, that I might as well live there. Year after year, I used to go through the same struggle: What should I pack? Of course, you’ve got your necessities like your clothes, swimsuit, sunglasses, toiletries, etc. But what are the beach travel essentials you might not even think about until it’s too late?

This list is all things I’ve at one time or another forgotten to bring and regretted it the minute I realized I didn’t have it. We’ve all gotten to our destination and then though, “man, I sure wish I would have thought to bring that”. And no one wants to have to make a trip to the local Wal-Mart or grocery store on their vacation. Especially not if it’s a popular destination, because they’re always packed.

Not to worry. I’ve done the thinking for you. Check out these must have beach travel essentials.

Beach Bag

Some of you might say, “I’m going to the beach, duh, I need a beach bag.” Let me tell you, you can (and probably will) forget the most obvious things. My sister once forgot her swimsuit on a trip to the beach. The one thing you would think you’d never forget when headed straight towards a giant mass of water.

Of course, not just any old bag will do. You need a sand proof beach bag. Trust me, there is nothing worse than coming back to your house, condo, RV, etc after a day at the beach and having to dig through your bag and coming back out with a fistful of sand. It gets everywhere! Not only is it now under your fingernails, it’s all throughout wherever you’re staying.

Mesh bags are the way to go. Sand literally sifts right through them. No more tracking sand everywhere you go. And the best part is you can’t empty it out once you get back and the sand and water will run right off the mesh.

Travel Cooler

This is a necessity! A small cooler you can tote back and forth from the beach. You don’t want anything too bulky that you have to drag across the sand or will make you dread heading to the beach in the first place. Something small and portable will do. I personally find the ones with straps you can wear as a backpack or over the shoulder are the easiest to carry around. Especially if you find yourself carrying a lot of other items, or have children you have to keep hold of.

Coolers are great for taking plenty of water and snacks to the beach. You will need water. It gets hot! The sun is relentlessly beating down on you, and salt water is dehydrating. Plus, snacks are a must. Especially if you have kiddos. Even with a smaller cooler you can fit several bottles of water and snacks for the whole family.

Waterproof Travel Speaker

Trust me when I say this is an essential. Headphones will get sand in them. And then the sand will get in your ear. As if you don’t already have sand in every crack and crevice, you don’t need it in your ears too. Travel speakers are great for playing some jams down by the water that can be enjoyed by the whole group. You’ll be able to hear it over the roaring waves and squeals of children’s joy, without annoying those nearest you.

But make sure it’s waterproof! I can’t reiterate that enough. It must be waterproof. Water will somehow get into the speakers even if you don’t have it anywhere near the ocean. There is moisture in the air, kids can splash water all over it unknowingly, and accidents always happen.

Insulated Water Bottle

Insulated water bottles are great if you enjoy taking walks on the beach. This way you don’t have to tote an entire cooler, but can still stay hydrated. Even the early morning hours and sunset walks can get pretty hot depending on which beach you’re at. Even if the temperatures are cooler, it’s always good to stay hydrated.

If you decide to go sightseeing at the beach or if the beach has a boardwalk, insulated water bottles are great for taking with you. They even make them for kids. Typically, the water or whatever liquid you choose to put inside, should stay cool for pretty much the entire duration it takes you to drink it. If you leave them sitting in the direct sunlight, though, they’ll warm up faster.

Beach Umbrella

For long days at the beach this is not only essential, it’s life saving. The summer sun can get really hot, really fast. And that can lead to heat sickness or even heat stroke. An umbrella is great for getting a break from the sun for a while without having to leave and come back to the beach. Especially if you’re staying somewhere that necessitates a drive to the beach.

It’s also great to have if you have young children or infants, who cannot stay in the sun as long as adults can. They need a respite from the sun. Large umbrellas cast a nice shade that the whole family can lounge under if need be. They’re also great for keeping coolers, speakers, phone, etc. out of the direct sun. Just make sure you firmly plant it in the sand. The wind can pick up without warning by the ocean.


Trips to the beach are fun and exciting. But the packing and journey to the beach can be quite stressful. The last thing you need when you get to the beach is to realize there was something you didn’t bring that would have been really helpful. Use this list to remember to grab five things that will really make your trip to the beach as relaxing as possible.

Hopefully this prevents having to go to the local supermarket or department store just to grab items you’ve forgotten.

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Happy Trails!

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