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Hi friends, welcome to my website: Pro Travel Essentials. Travel has been a lifelong passion of mine. My parents took my sister and I on vacations as children; it instilled the wanderlust in me from the start. As an adult, researching the best of the best travel products and essentials has become a staple to my travel life.

As a young adult on a budget, it’s important I get the best bang for my buck. I want quality products that will last. I want to share the products I have found over the years with all of you, so that you can spend less time researching travel needs and spend more time traveling.

Currently, I’ve only traveled the eastern seaboard, but as I travel more places and reach further distances, I will be able to share more and more product essentials.

My Travels

Traveling is how I prefer to spend my time. I enjoy traveling to all kinds of different places. From National and State Parks, to Battlefields, to Theme Parks. I want to see it all.

Traveling has always been a part of my life. I consider vacationing to be traveling. You are exploring new places and sometimes learning about new cultures. It’s a great way to meet new people, learn something new, and have new experiences.

My number one favorite travel destination is Universal Studios Orlando in Orlando, FL. I’ve been there almost every year since I was 21. A close second is Virginia Beach where I frequented with my sister and parents growing up. We used to go for a week every summer.

I spend hours searching for travel essentials before each and every trip I go on. Just in case something new has come on the market that may benefit my travels. I like to know I have the best possible products that will last for years of travel. And there’s always products entering the market designed to make travel life easier.


Travel is a Way of Life

Traveling has really taken off as more than just a hobby in recent years. Travel is not just limited to one class of people any longer. Young and old, rich and poor: they’re all traveling. But sometimes what they should take when they travel doesn’t even cross their mind. They just throw clothes in a bag and call it a day.

That’s where I come in. I do all the work for you, letting you know the best travel products for every destination. I spend a lot of time even doing research for travel destinations on my “Bucket List”, not just places I’ve already traveled.

I’ve seen plenty of travel plans and vacations ruined simply because people didn’t take the right essentials, or the best essentials. My job is to make sure that never happens to you.


Travel is Easy

Travel should be stress-free and easy. It’s something you should enjoy. But many people dread the part that comes BEFORE the travel. The packing, the not knowing what you’ll need, the unknown; it’s all stressful.

I hope by reading the reviews and posts about travel essentials, I hope you will find the products you need and that will work best for your needs on all of your travels. My research will hopefully take away some stress that goes into travel planning.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Website: protravelessentials.com

Email: erika@protravelessentials.com


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  1. Thanks for this information, Erika. I used to travel a lot but got out of the habit. I want to start back soon. Your website is a motivator.


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